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Kris Logsdon

JULY 18TH, 2012

Walking around the city streets of Hindman, Kentucky or strolling by Douglass Loop in Louisville Kentucky on a Saturday afternoon, you may just hear the vocal talents of Kris Logsdon, a singer/songwriter whose haunting vocal range and gift of lyrical proverbs echoes into the hearts and minds of those who take a moment to stop and listen. Not only does Kris write all of his own material, he also performs all the arranging and composing, not an easy task for the singer or songwriter that seek originality and authenticity.

I first met Kris in downtown Whitesburg, Kentucky at Summit City Lounge where I once hosted weekly open mic nights for singers and songwriters on a brisk fall night in 2007. From the first time I heard his voice echo throughout the tin metal ceilings of the lounge, it was as if my heart and soul were drawn to what he had to say through song. The first song I ever heard him perform was his original composition “Miss Me When I’m Gone.” The song goes, “…softest touch, toughest heart, that’s what makes, this so hard. I will leave you again, like the rain goes with the wind, but I’ll leave you this kiss, so you’ll know, I’ll be back again, and again.” Moving words, poetically scribed and sang with every sense of emotion from deep with his soul, Kris captivated not only my musical interests, but a lasting friendship as well. Kris has went on to write many more great tunes, one of which I played almost on a weekly basis on my former radio show Crossroads on WMMT 88.7 FM was a song he wrote called, “Jesus and Coffee.” It’s a song about harsh cold winters, leaving your lover and finding solace in a warm cup of coffee and someone that loves you.

Kris was born into a musical blender of sorts, and music has always been an element that has carried him through the rockiest of times, and the joyful moments as well. Sometimes gritty, often times haunting, his melodic vocal range is fresh and unlike anything I’ve experienced on radio or in person. Channeling inspirations of Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan, Jim Croce, John Prine to name a few, Kris has emerged his inspirations within his honky tonk style about love, life and the unnecessary fallacy we all must face in simply living life day to day. Deep within the psyche of Kris Logsdon stands a broken spirit that often times manifests in his songwriting, and from the moment of witnessing his stage presence yourself, you’ll agree with the words he has to say.

If you see Kris Logsdon performing at a local fair, on stage at an open mic night or on a corner cafe, I can wager that you’ll not only be compelled to stop and listen, but drawn in by his talents of song and craftsmanship. He’s soulful, harmonic, haunting and spot on with the hardships of just living the race of life. Kris’s music is like a nice tall cold glass of beer, a thing of beauty both warm and cold going down at the same time. Every sip is just another piece of the soulful architecture and vibe of this young talented performer.

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  • Kathy Logsdon

    Thank you for putting in such eloquent words what I have known for more than 20 years. Kris is not only musical and talented, but he is a wonderful person as well.