I was always captivated by comic books, and reading them as a child. Growing up in rural Kentucky in the early 1980’s, comics became a way of not only escape, but inspiration to pick up a pencil and paper to draw. I began drawing at a very young age in elementary school, and my skills were always widely used around campus. As I moved into college, it was evident that my drawing skills were becoming more and more sharpened. I began dabbling in 2D digital drawing on old Wacom tablets from the mid 2004. The invention of the iPad has allowed my mind to create vivid and colorful artworks of some of my most beloved icons from my childhood and today.

All my art is originally drawn using only my right index finger as my stylus, pencil, pen and brush. I can be seen on social streaming platforms like and drawing my creations live on camera before a host of spectators. Recently, my artworks have been sold in local comic book and novelty shops around Orlando metro area. My hopes is to increase my library and be able to attend local Cons to sell and distribute my artwork.