Harley Quinn

Straight out of the big screen and onto canvas, this piece captures the portrayal of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn from the feature film Suicide Squad. The most time consuming piece I’ve ever attempted, at over 45 hours of painting and detailing. Click here to purchase this artwork.

Superman Legacy

Being an old school kid at heart, my Superman of choice will always be Christopher Reeve and his films portraying the Man of Steel. This is my homage to his colorful cast of legendary actors and actresses who made this film franchise the canon that it is today. Click here to purchase this artwork.

The Incredible Hulk Legacy

One of my favorite childhood television shows growing up was “The Incredible Hulk.” I remember being so excited to see David Banner’s green eyes as he changes into “The Hulk.” I was so fortunate to meet Lou Ferrigno back in 2014 at Orlando MegaCon. I dedicate this piece to the wonderfully talented Bill Bixby. Click here to purchase this artwork.

The Iron Avenger

The IRON AVENGER. As Marvel cast for the role of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr, made a statement to the world, “I am Iron Man.” So much respect and admiration for RDJ’s career, and seeing him once again dominate the silver screen. Like Tony Stark, RDJ has overcome the fire, and refined to be the actor he is today. It’s my pleasure to give you this completed work, hand drawn and painted with over 18 hours of combined effort. Click Here to purchase this artwork.

The Man in Black

Johnny Cash was always a part of my musical childhood growing up. My parents would always play his music throughout the house, and if I close my eyes, I’m immediately taken back to those precious memories. This is my homage to legendary “Man in Black.” Click Here to purchase this artwork.

Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk

He played a monster, but early in his life, Lou Ferrigno suffered ear infections which left him deaf. Defying his bullies and overcoming what people called him. “deaf Louie,” he dove into comic books and found The Incredible Hulk. By his twenties he was Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe as a heavyweight body building champion. Lou will always be the gentle giant, and the only human to ever play The Hulk. Hope you enjoy my interpretation of Lou Ferrigno’s Incredible Hulk. Click Here to purchase this artwork.

Matt Ryan’s Constantine

The Hellblazer himself, John Constantine is a man who vows to use his super natural powers and magic not for evil, but to fight the demons of this world and beyond. Some call him a fallen angel, while others call him a saint. This is drawn from the likeness of Matt Ryan, who portrayed Constantine on the NBC television show, and on 2015’s season of Arrow on CW. Click here to purchase this artwork now.

Cesar Romero’s Joker

Before Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger or Jared Leto, there was Cesar Romero and his epic portrayal of Gotham’s most sinister and cooky villian, The Joker. I grew up watching Cesar Romero’s classic portrayal during the 60’s Batman television series. To this day, it’s still one of my favorites. Click here to purchase this artwork.