New Video Chat Platform Wekiki Revitalizes Community Engagement

Former Platform
Former Platform

On the cusp of 2017, a brand new video chat platform “Wekiki” emerges from a grass roots startup effort to mobilize and engage social media users in a whole new light. A previous platform named set a standard in the video chat era, as users began to engage in real time conversations in a four paneled window which quickly rose to popularity among many online social media enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

The platform, a beta startup, lasted roughly just over one year, and due to lack of adequate funding and financial support, the project was promptly closed and Blab was abruptly taken offline. During it’s one year tenure, Blab evolved in many phases and cycles, and thus it’s community as well. Friendships were made, connections established and a sense of community was becoming prominently established. This eclectic group of users, social marketers and enthusiasts not only became friends, but family. A gaping whole was left within the community after it’s sudden and predicted foreseeable closure. Or so we thought…

Founded, coded and reared from the humble gesture of reviving the community once more, and building on foundations in which sorely lacked, a new candidate emerges in the video chat platform era. Say hello to Wekiki! Kiki Schirr, a former user, artist, cartoonist, writer and entrepreneur herself, scoured the Internet for a platform like Blab, and the results were rather lackluster. Kiki has taken the initiative to revitalize the video chat community, and Wekiki is not only a better successor to blab, but utilizes the functions that worked best, over the one’s that did not.

Wekiki VIdeo Chat Platform

For the most part, users who previously were accustomed to, Wekiki should feel very familiar, providing 4 video chat windows and a real time chat window. Instead of utilizing Twitter for login credentials, the newer platform rests on Facebook’s more secure access tokens for account validation. There is one significant difference between Blab and Wekiki, in that the successor gives it’s moderators a plethora of tools to moderate their own rooms or “parties.” You heard me correct, for the first time, a video chat platform of this calibur grants it’s own users the freedom to boot, ban and block trolls, trouble makers and those prone to mischief. In the end, it creates a more family oriented platform in which all ages can feel safe.

Founder and entrepreneur of Wekiki, Kiki Schirr states, “I love the concept of helping strangers become friends, but we have to remember not every stranger is friendly. Although WeKiki has built in tools to protect our users, our community’s greatest strength is in looking out for each other.

Another profound closeness of Wekiki is the continual engagement among it’s community members. For instance, if a community member goes missing or isn’t seen for a while, the community locks arms and something astounding occurs. One by one, they reach out to the user to check in with him/her. Some users of the video platform suffer from a physical disability or mental illness. It’s almost unheard of in any social media video chat platform around today. They truly “look out” for each other.

Definite Advancements of Wekiki at First Glance

  • Having used both blab and now Wekiki, there are stark differences, yet some similarities between the platforms. The chat window on blab was poorly designed, buggy and often times lagging from the actual video conversations occurring in the real-time window. The chat window on blab was also hacked numerous instances, as hackers found ways to insert drop codes [random data which reeks havoc on the open-source server]. This is not so on Wekiki. The chat is solid, fluid and real time scrolling engages both the textual and video chat user with more secure protocols.
  • A lot of the nonsense features of blab are totally dropped in Wekiki, and that’s a great thing. Blab boasted many features that resulted in a lackluster buggy result. Wekiki keeps the main thing, the main thing! Focusing on video and text chat. It’s simple, clean and fun.
  • I said this one above, but the security features to control your own room and moderation is a vast leap forward. Having the upper hand on potential issues and unwanted users is a gold star when attempting to engage in more meaningful in-depth conversations.
  • Lastly, at first glance, Wekiki is on the right path, as opposed to it’s predecessor. Blab was rushed and quickly went online, as programmers and coders debugged the platform in real time as users were attempting to use the platform. Kiki and her team built the solid foundation first of code, and thus building upon that first to create the new platform you see today. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Click Here to visit Wekiki now. The platform is in it’s launching phase and free to the public to try. Schirr has stated that in the future, there will be paid plans for marketing and those who choose to engage in private rooms.

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